Zürich Travel Diary

Zürich Travel Diary

Last week I went to Zürich, Switzerland for the first time and I absolutely loved it. A lot of you wanted to know what I did while I was there, so here are my tips if you are traveling to Zürich.


Even though there are not so much real sights in Zürich except for old churches, there are still a lot of things to visit there.

Lake Zürich

Lake Zürich (Zürisee) – an enormous lake with mountain water which you can see from almost every point in the city. It is incredibly large and very beautiful. If you want to know more about European Medieval culture and a bit of Switzerland itself don’t miss visiting The Swiss National Museum. It is not so large and significant compared to museums in Paris or Rome, but it is still interesting to visit especially if you don’t like spending your entire day at the museum.

Old Town (Altstadt)

To make your image of Zürich complete just walk around in the city. The centre is very beautiful, I was really in love with it. Also visit the old town to feel more of the Swiss history.


To look at the city from above go to Lindenhof. Apart from playing chess on a gigantic chessboard, you can approach the low stone wall that offers cozy, charming and colorful views of the Limmat river and the Grossmünster. The view at the city is very beautiful!


Zürich has one main shopping street – The Bahnhofstrasse. There you can find any shop you like – from the luxury designer brands (Cartier, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany) to the more budget like Zara and H&M.

There are also several department stores called Globus with luxury cosmetics, clothes, groceries and even a Laduree cart.


Confiserie Sprüngli

Confiserie Sprüngli was my absolute favorite. Besides very classy decor they have the best cakes in Switzerland. Coffee there is amazing too!

Swiss Chuchi

If you want to try out the national Swiss dishes visit Swiss Chuchi – a restaurant with very cosy atmosphere and incredibly delicious fondue.

Tre Cucine

For Italian food you should go to Tre Cucine  – it’s a really classy Italian restaurant with very nice food.

Gran Cafè Motta

If you just want to have a bite or have a cup of coffee Gran Café Motta is an excellent choice.

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